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Where are you really finding your significance and security in? Your deepest sense of love and meaning?

If it’s not God, it may be a good thing, but it can’t bear the full weight of your soul. You’ll always be wandering and never home if you ask people or things to do that. Jesus is the only one who will never disappoint, because He loves you, and He always will.

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Tiny Particles pack a Punch

Three of the highest-energy neutrinos ever found have been detected at a below ground experiment at the South Pole – particles that may have been created in the most violent explosions of the universe. The three neutrinos have energies at the petaelectron volt level (roughly the energy equivalent of one million proton masses).

The detector in question, IceBerg, reported the discovery of the first tow, nicknamed Ernie and Bert, last year. But the third detection was announced on Monday at the American Physical Society meeting. Internally, the particle is referred to as “Big Bird”.

Neutrinos hardly ever interact with other particles, and they are uncharged – meaning that their trajectories through space are not altered by magnetic fields. But these properties also make them extremely difficult to detect.

IceCube detected a further 34 lower energy neutrinos between the detections of Bert, Ernie and Big Bird. Of the 37 total particles, few appear to have come from the densest part of our own Galaxy – suggesting that most must have originated from outside the Milky Way.


Image: IceCube Artistic Rendering. Jamie Yang. IceCube Collaboration.

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